“unlocking an underutilized pool of talent to grow your business, while transforming your community”

How Employers Benefit

Job Ready Candidates

Each person is assessed by our support team to determine where they are at on their recovery journey and if they are ready to undertake the demands of full-time employment…

We Take The Risks

Jobhub180 employs the people directly and thereby removes much of the risk. We on-hire the employee to a partner organization and maintain an active role to ensure it is a positive experience for everyone.

Full Supported

Jobhub180 employees are fully supported and have access to the necessary resources and services to take positive steps forward as they move into their new job

Replacement & On Boarding

If for any reason a person doesn’t work out, Jobhub180 will replace them for you and continue to support the person to help them to learn from the experience.

Superior Marine

Community Contribution

Jobhub180 offers employer partners new opportunities to facilitate company success and expansion and, at the same time, support community transformation, one person at a time