Hope and a Future

Our Mission

Providing meaningful employment to the recovery community and the support needed for long-term success

Jobhub180 connects business owners and organizations with a recovery community that is motivated and ready to work.

Who We Help


Our primary focus is to help people in our community to find work who are often overlooked and viewed as unimportant due to experiences of homelessness, substance use, prison or mental illness.


Jobhub180 enables organizations to employ job-ready candidates from the recovery community, risk-free, enabling them to grow and develop their organization with confidence.

Unlocking an underutilized pool of talent to grow your business, while transforming your community.

How Employers Benefit

Job Ready Candidates

Each person is assessed by our support team to determine where they are at on their recovery journey and if they are ready to undertake the demands of full-time employment…

We Take The Risks

Jobhub180 employs people directly and thereby removes the risk to the employer. We assign the employee to a partner organization and maintain an active role in their employment to ensure it is a positive experience for all.

Fully Supported

Jobhub180 employees are fully supported and have access to the necessary resources and services to take positive steps forward as they move into their new job

Replacement & On Boarding

If a jobhub180 employee is not a good fit for any reason, Jobhub180 will find a suitable replacement while continuing to support the person who was replaced.

Community Contribution

By employing the recovery community through jobhub180, businesses and organizations have the opportunity to strengthen the community one person at a time.

Become An Employer Partner Today

To learn more about becoming an employer partner with Jobhub180 and how we can help you grow your business, give us a call or use the form below and we will contact you.